Barrel sauna duluth mn

Minnesota plays a significant role in Finnish American history, early American public saunas, and is home to some of the longest lasting sauna companies in the US. Although public Minnesota Saunas have widely disappeared in favor of private basement and cabin saunas — there is a resurgence.

From Duluth to Minneapolis, a revival of sauna builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs have created a hub of sauna culture connecting a receptive MN crowd to the Scandinavian tradition.

Minnesota is home to open sauna sessions, sauna rentals, and some of the best sauna builders and manufacturers in North America. Minnesota is also at the forefront of the mobile sauna movement. Unfortunately, some of the best sauna builders in Minnesota are hard to find, and traditionally do business by word of mouth. They use their own outside-feed wood burning stoves.

Christensen Saunas delivers throughout Minnesota as well as Wisconsin and Michigan. The larger models have changing rooms.

DIY Wood Fired Hot Tub

Finn Sisu is a cross-country ski store that sells Saunatec and Finnleo Saunas. They sell traditional and infrared saunas at their St. Paul location. Finn Sisu also offers custom built options for rooms that are already studded and insulated. Sisu Saunas builds unique barrel saunas in Britt, MN. Sisu Saunas builds true bowed coopered barrel saunas that are impossible to buy as kits. Both have indoor and outdoor saunas available for order, with limited options to see in person.

Airmist offers indoor and outdoor traditional sauna solutions. Superior Sauna is a sauna manufacturing company, sauna distributor, and sauna lumberyard for DIY sauna builders and sauna companies. They also have one of the largest selection of sauna parts worldwide — another reason DIY builders love it. Though some of these still existthey largely fell out of style by the s. Today, the Twin Cities and Duluth are leading a revived sauna culture and making it their own.

Here are a few examples:. A crowdfunding that launched a mobile sauna also served as a springboard for a revived sauna culture in Minnesota. The Sauna Society is likely the only member-owned co-op sauna in the world. Hiki Hut is the newest mobile sauna in Minnesota, offering the optional Lake Superior cold plunge between sessions.Eric Bongard, owner and sauna builder of Voyageur Custom saunas, is an avid outdoorsman. Sauna is always a great addition to any active lifestyle.

We hope our hunting friends had a safe and enjoyable hunting season. Take your sauna on the frozen lake, up to the cabin, or camping at a music festival. Enrich your lifestyle with a mobile sauna. Voyageur also offers do it yourself kits, so you can feel the pride in crafting your own mobile sauna. Enjoy the proximity of home and the privacy of your own backyard. We custom build on location or deliver prefabricated units ready to fire up.

We also proudly feature Breeo smokeless fire pits to perfectly complement and complete your outdoor sauna experience. We also offer decades of building and design experience, and can convert any size space into a wellness escape that fits your budget and tastes.

Craft your very own wellness retreat with Voyageur Custom Saunas. Choose backyard or in-home installation, or venture out with our mobile designs. Traditional wood-fire heat, state of the art electric stoves, and modern infrared technology all available.

Learn More. Backyard Saunas Enjoy the proximity of home and the privacy of your own backyard. I never imagined how fun and healthy winter and cold could become with a sauna from Voyageur! We whole-heartedly recommend Voyageur Custom Saunas to other Sauna lovers. Both are extremely high quality craftsmanship. I have been utilizing one of his units weekly and gathering large groups of people to come enjoy the wood-fired steam sauna experience.

It creates such a quality heat. Right on cue, the temperature dropped and it started snowing. We had so much fun the entire weekend with friends? I never expected to be transported to the Finnish countryside when I stepped into the trailer. The perfect solution to enjoying an outdoor wood burning sauna. The team was great to work with during the build and I have already given their name to several friends.

Barrel Sauna

The whole process from design to delivery was excellent. They took the time to understand our goals and partnered with us to help create an experience that furthered our employer brand story. Eric and team were fantastic to work with. Our Partners. Join our email list to get the latest Voyageur Sauna news.

Ready to Get Started? Our estimate process is free and simple.Infrared saunas have hi-tech carbon fiber panels specially engineered to produce penetrating heat at a more comfortable temperature. Traditional saunas feature high heat and low humidity. Water can be splashed over heated rocks to create a blast of steam.

Infrared therapy stimulates the circulatory system and oxygenates body cells. Increased blood circulation Sauna use increases and enhances circulation while oxygenating the cells, organs and tissues throughout t Infrared sauna therapy relieves overworked muscles, stiffness, cramps and muscle discomfort.

Heating the Infrared energy emitted by the sauna is absorbed by human cells, causing a physical phenomenon called "re Find out why all of our customers love Salus Saunas and why we are a leader in the sauna industry.

Helping customers is our purpose. Learn more about the amazing health benefits heat therapy can provide. Love my sauna!

Got the 3-person model and enjoy it on a daily basis. Would highly recommend. Quality craftsmanship, easy assembly, and great customer service! Contact Us. Infrared Saunas Infrared saunas have hi-tech carbon fiber panels specially engineered to produce penetrating heat at a more comfortable temperature.

Infrared saunas. Traditional Saunas Traditional saunas feature high heat and low humidity. Traditional Saunas. Infrared saunas Salus Saunas Health Benefits Modern science is proving that saunas are beneficial for heart, mind and spirit.

See all health benefits. Detoxification Infrared therapy stimulates the circulatory system and oxygenates body cells. Improved Circulation Sauna use increases and enhances circulation while oxygenating the cells, organs and tissues throughout t Pain Relief Infrared sauna therapy relieves overworked muscles, stiffness, cramps and muscle discomfort.

Weight Control Infrared energy emitted by the sauna is absorbed by human cells, causing a physical phenomenon called "re Learn More. More Reviews.Cyber Monday Sale, Going on Now! See Details Here. The spacious interior allows for wider benches and optional flat duckboard flooring sectionsmaking this our most deluxe barrel sauna design. It is available in a variety of lumber types as a standard barrel sauna.

The Lewisburg 8-person barrel sauna is designed to fit a wide selection of personal preferences as a standard barrel sauna; it comes in either clear Western red cedar with no or minimal knots or rustic Western red cedar with a pleasing pattern of tight knots. The standard heater for the Lewisburg is an 8kW electric heater with the option to upgrade to a high-performance wood-burning stove.

We use nothing but the finest lumber to craft our Lewisburg 8-person barrel sauna—solid, thick sections of cedar, naturally resistant to the effects of the elements. The partially-assembled round sections, carefully planned staves, and custom support cradles are crafted with superior skill.

The sauna also features thick tempered glass and stainless steel hardware and fasteners because the materials we select must, and do, meet our highest standards. The Lewisburg sauna comes standard with an 8kW heater. You can also upgrade to a wood-burning sauna stove with chimney installation kit.

Inside the sauna, soft LED lighting and opposite-facing benches set the mood for a genuinely relaxing experience. A keystone of quality, performance, and value, the Lewisburg barrel sauna is a lifelong option for the serious sauna bather. Customize your sauna and make it your own with a variety of design options—bench styles, lumber preference, door designs, and a rear vista window. Questions about the Vista Rear Window? Enhance your sauna experience with upgrades to your sauna.

Check out our full accessory line at our online store. Your sauna will arrive on a pallet, curbside. You can find further information on what to expect with shipping and details on o ur policy here. Note: flat floor is an optional add-on. Wood-burning heater, Rustic Cedar.We are open!

Relax, soothe sore muscles, joints and let stress fade away in your very own sauna with our sauna room kit. Pour water over sauna heater rocks for traditional Finnish steam sauna. Select from the most popular sauna wood paneling types, white aspen or western red cedar.

barrel sauna duluth mn

Sauna room kits are designed for residential home saunas and commercial saunas gyms, hotels, military fitness centers and more. We have studied saunas all over the world to perfect the Superior Sauna. Talented architects were involved in the designs to maintain a balance of tradition and efficiency. A Custom Sauna Kit is a permanent installation into a pre-framed and insulated commercial or residential room.

The kit includes all the sauna room interior parts designed to fit into the rough opening length x width x height, stud to stud of your sauna space. In many cases, any room in a house can be converted to a home sauna recommended at least 4' x 4'. Custom Cut Home Sauna Kits are a great pricing alternative to modular indoor or outdoor saunas, especially for do-it-yourself homeowners. Ready to begin bringing your sauna to life? Download our sauna planner to help you along the way. Below we have listed the major components to consider in planning your sauna, along with the general options available.

As you get to the end of the guide we offer samples of design layouts, price quotes for general sauna sizes and a gallery showcasing sauna photos submitted by our clients. Fill out the sauna planner and submit it to us via email or fax.

barrel sauna duluth mn

Be as detailed or simple as you like. Draw a simple line sketch or send us full architectural drawings, we can work with anything.

Below are some thoughts to keep in mind as you browse the categories below.

barrel sauna duluth mn

Don't worry if you're not sure about some details. Our design consultants are sauna enthusiasts that have years of experience and will be able to walk you through every step. Just looking for a price estimate? All options are available so you can adjust your pricing on the fly from the most basic sauna to one with all the extras. To get you started here is some basic general info on saunas and items to take into consideration as you think about planning your sauna.

Saunas For Sale in Minnesota | Barrel, Indoor, Outdoor, & Custom

Browse our Literature Library for even more in depth information on the background of saunas and building a sauna, along with more residential, commercial and unique sauna layouts. All of our sauna layout examples are actual client saunas designed by our consultants.

We want your properly designed sauna to not only be a sound financial investment but also a lifetime investment in a healthy lifestyle. We have sample packs available for you to see firsthand the quality of our materials. If you have not already received one, we would be happy to send one out to you today free of charge U.

Before making a major purchase for the sauna of your dreams, get our sample pack and see our superior quality.We are open! We've designed saunas nationwide and around the world. From converting a small space to large commercial applications, our experienced designers can craft a sauna that you, your family or your clientele will enjoy for generations. We are proud to partner with Dundalk Cedar Saunas to bring you a complete line of unique and attractive outdoor sauna kits made with quality Canadian red cedar.

We want to make your sauna experience as enjoyable and economical as possible. We are offering free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 U. Custom Sauna Planner. Electric Sauna Heaters. Free Sample Pack. Wooden Sauna Ladle matches our tarred wooden sauna bucket. Great for sprinkling water on sauna rocks for traditional Finnish Sauna steam.

Beautiful Wooden Sauna Bucket with single handle design is comfortable to carry. An essential sauna accessory, this bucket holds up to one gallon of water to splash over hot stones to create vapor. This version of the classic Finnish sauna bucke Midsummer Birch fills your sauna with summery fragrances of lush nature and fresh birch leaves.

Fresh birch leaves, smoky fragrance of a warming sauna Let the Rento Sauna scents heighten your senses! Add scent to the water and throw on the hot sauna stove for aromatic steam.

Test the scent first by using a small amount. You can also mix vario Deluxe Cedar Sauna Accessory Kit: complete 6 pcs for saunas.The portable, one-of-a-kind, Barrel Sauna is uniquely styled.

Its design is very energy efficient. Unlike most conventional saunas with squared corners, the Barrel Sauna's cylindrical shape allows greater air exchange from top to bottom giving the sauna a great advantage over traditional square designs. This allows the sauna to heat up sooner, which in return lowers the costs of operating the sauna. The wooden floor is another advantage of the Barrel Sauna. It is much easier to heat, allowing the lower areas to more easily maintain ideal operating temperatures.

Compared to saunas built with a concrete floor, the Barrel Sauna distributes the heat and moisture more evenly throughout the sauna. The bowed shape of the Barrel Sauna allows all the water in the sauna to flow naturally towards the center of the floor. Optionally installing a drain at this natural low point makes it easy to drain any excess water from the sauna into a collection system bucket, septic system or sewer. This also allows for a shower or fresh water supply to be installed inside the sauna to make bathing, filling the water bucket, or cleaning the sauna easier.

The result is a classic and elegant aesthetically pleasing barrel-shaped sauna that offers years of enjoyment, a lifetime of health benefits and provides ultimate relaxation. Our Original 8' Barrel Sauna is 7' 11" long, 6' 4" wide and 6' 8" high. This sauna weighs approximately - pounds and is suitable for up to 8 people. The Original 8' Barrel Sauna also offers the option of upgrading to our wood burning stove package.

The Mini 5' Barrel Sauna is 5' 3" long, 6' 4" wide and 6' 8" high.

barrel sauna duluth mn

This sauna weighs approximately - pounds and is suitable for up to 4 people. Please note due to its size the option of our wood burning stove package is not available for this model. All the needed accessories to operate and test drive the sauna as soon as it arrives. Also to personalize your Barrel Sauna you choose the band color, door style, door swing direction and bench height layout at no additional cost.

Optional upgrades for a larger watt electric stove, or the wood burning stove package 8' Original onlyalong with a roof awning, entry platform, exterior finish, interior sealing, a floor drain and optional base kits are all available. The Barrel Sauna offers an attractive, fun, portable, and inexpensive alternative to building either a stand-a-lone outdoor sauna building or a built-in interior sauna. Barrel Saunas are also very versatile and can be placed either indoors or outdoors.

Be sure to check with your local planning and zoning department and the local health department for any required permits. A Finnish term roughly translated into English as "strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity".

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