Vaporizer meaning in tamil

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Nehru Place, New Delhi No. Kalyan Puri, New Delhi No. Sadar, Rajkot No. Rajkot, Gujarat. Verified Supplier. Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Kukatpally, Hyderabad Plot No. M Gali No. Nashik, Maharashtra. Secunderabad, Dist. George Town, Chennai No. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Have a requirement?Yocan Vane Vaporizer For Dry Herb is the product of brand Yocan, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black:1pcs, etc.

vaporizer meaning in tamil

Yocan Vane vaporizer utilizes some of the best and most innovative technologies that are suitable for dry herb vaporization. This vaporizer comes with a ceramic heating element, which allows this portable and compact dry herb vaporizer to heat up your material without reaching the combustion point, meaning your herbs won't get burned. With this ceramic heating element is also the convection oven of this vaporizer that guarantees to vaporize your herbs nicely without combusting it.

In addition to this is the ability to change the temperature within the vaporizer according to your liking. Moreover, the vaporizer consists of an mAh battery, which lasts for quite some time and the user can experience uninterrupted vaporize sessions. This vaporizer was designed, developed, and engineered to outperform and outlast the dry herb vaporizers in the market that are twice its size and price.

The Yocan Vane vaporizer is manufactured with the latest technology and is a complete package. If you are someone who is looking for a reliable and dependable vaporizer for vaping your favorite dry herb strains then the Yocan Vane vaporizer is the one for you and it is the only dry herb vaporizer that you will ever need.

This vaporizer is a premium quality dry herb vaporizermeaning it can survive minor signs of wear and tear that can result from regular use or carrying it around.

When you hold it in your hand, you can feel its weight, which confirms the fact that this vaporizer is not cheap and is manufactured using high-quality materials. Unlike some lightweight vaporizers that might feel fragile in one's hand, the Yocan Vane vaporizer makes you aware of its presence when you hold it in your hand. Firstly, the user needs to prepare their dry herbs by using an herb grinder and grinding them to finer pieces in order to get the best results.

Next, the user should lift the magnetic mouthpiece from the battery in order to open the ceramic chamber. After that, they should carefully load the shredded dry herbs inside the ceramic chamber. Then, they need to connect the mouthpiece back to the battery through its magnetic connection. The vaporizer should be fully charged before it can be used for vaporizing. Once the dry herb is inside the vaporizer, the user should place their lips close to the mouthpiece of the vaporizer and get ready to inhale.

Next, the user needs to press the power button and hold it. When the vaporizer starts creating vapor, that is when the user needs to pull and draw from its mouthpiece. The user can repeat the process once their herbs have fully vaporized or they can stop after a complete cycle. This website Vape4Ever. By Continuing to browse implies that you agree to accept the installation of cookies, So we can give you the best experience possible and tailor services and promotions to your interests, and to enable interactive social platform features including share buttons and content uploading.

See our cookie policy for more details. Free Shipping! Add to cart. Dry Herb Vaporizer portable vaporizer Yocan Vane. Contact Us: Contact now. You might also like. Yocan Falcon 6-in-1 Vaporizer For Wax Yocan Evolve 2. Yocan Hive 2. Yocan Trio Replacement Pods 4pcs Follow Us On Social Networks.These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'vaporizer.

Send us feedback. See more words from the same year. Accessed 18 Jun. More Definitions for vaporizer. Nglish: Translation of vaporizer for Spanish Speakers. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Don't despair, we'll tell you the difference. Your ticket to sorting them out. Be dashing—and do it well. How 'literally' can mean "figuratively". Thawing one of the mysteries of English.

How to use a word that literally drives some pe The awkward case of 'his or her'. Can you correctly identify these breeds? Just take our word for it. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something a Login or Register. Save Word. Definition of vaporizer.

First Known Use of vaporizer circain the meaning defined above. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More About vaporizer.This USA designed and developed vape is one of the best portable vaporizers you could get your hands on. Hand made with an anodized aluminum shell it is made to last. It is the next generation dry herbal vaporizer using a hybrid heating system. And having the smoothest vapor paths giving you a consistent hit every time.

To use the K-Vape pro start by taking off the glass mouthpiece. Simply pull up and twist on the glass portion until it unhinges. Take a finely ground herb and load about 0. Put the mouthpiece back on and turn it on with 5 quick clicks to the button. This vaporizer uses a thread so you are also able to use preloaded cartridge.

What is a Vaporizer?

To get your desired temperature hold down the button until it lands on the correct light. Warming up your K-Vape pro should take no more than 30 seconds to get to the highest temperature of F.

While the device is warming up there will be a row of LED flashing lights, once they stop flashing the K-Vape is warmed and ready for use. Ranging anywhere from F to F C to C colors are shown through led lights on the K-Vape pro for the different heat settings.

There is an auto shut off feature that will turn the vape off after five minutes to maintain temperature control as well as battery life. On a full charge, you should expect an hour of use time or about sessions depending on the temperature you are using it on. The battery will drain faster when used at a higher temperature.

Charging the battery fully will take hours, but the K-Vape Pro offers a pass-through charging, meaning that even when it is on the charger it is good to use. KandyPens when a step further by extending the vapor pathway. They incorporated a honeycomb filter between the mouthpiece and the herb chamber so the vapor has more time to cool off and not irritate your mouth or throat. The two middle temperatures work the best, giving you the most bang for your buck.

They allow you to have enough cloud while keeping all the flavor. When you up the heat you jeopardize some of the flavors for bigger clouds. Cleaning the ceramic chamber is a breeze all you have to do is wipe it down and when you want a deeper clean use a cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol.

Cleaning the mouthpiece is going to be the tricky part. Again using a brush, cotton swab, and some iso will be the easiest and best option.What water vapor means in Tamil, water vapor meaning in Tamil, water vapor definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of water vapor in Tamil. This list contains a few of them. Boy names, girl names, and unique baby names.

Use this free dictionary to get the definition of friend in Tamil and also the definition of friend in English. Vapor definition Noun. Learn more. A list of common types of legumes which consumed in our day-to-day lives. Example sentences with "vapor-lock", translation memory. You can create your own lists to words based on topics.

Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL language with its free online services. To pass off in fumes, or as a moist, floating substance, one of the very small holes in the surface of a plant or a rock. What does vapor mean? The evaporator, as a machine, generally consists of four sections. Other Refferences : The Definition Dictionary. The heating section contains the heating medium, which can vary.

Words about living room, which is one of those rooms, the place where we entertain our guests. Last Update: Usage Frequency If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Translation for 'vapor' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations.

In India, it is also the official language of the Union Territory of Puducherry. Water vapor is transparent, like most constituents of the atmosphere.

vaporizer meaning in tamil

We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. This is the strict and proper meaning of the word vapor. Water vapor, water vapour or aqueous vapor is the gaseous phase of water. What does it mean vapor bloom. Any substance in the gaseous, or aeriform, state, the Meaning of vapor. Tags: pore meaning in tamil, pore ka matalab tamil me, tamil meaning of pore, pore meaning dictionary. A blocked pore. Can you identify them? In a loose and popular sense, any visible diffused substance floating in the atmosphere and impairing its transparency, as smoke, fog, etc.What is a vaporizer you may ask?

Well, a vaporizer or vaporiser is a device used to vaporize the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal blends for the purpose of inhalation. However, they can be used with pure chemicals when mixed with plant materials.

Vaporizers contain various forms of extraction chambers and are made of materials such as metal or glass.


The extracted vapor may be collected in an inflatable bag, or inhaled directly through a whip kit or hand kit. With no combustion happening when used correctly and cooler temperatures, a significantly increased efficiency in extracting the ingredients can be obtained. Therefore, the irritating and harmful effects of burning material during smoking are heavily reduced, as is second hand smoke as compared to vapor.

A vaporizer functions by heating the cannabinoids to their boiling or extraction temperature. Instead of the material burning and producing large amounts of smoke, a vaporizer dehydrates the material and causes it to release their active ingredient without ever catching fire and subsequently mixing with chemicals in the air as the oxygen burns.

What this means in more simple terms is that the vaporizer completely eliminates every last carcinogen that is directly associated with burning the material. The primary difference here is that we expose ourselves to smoke so regularly that they put ourselves at risk, and this is compounded by rolling the material up in rolling papers, as the burning of paper also releases additional carcinogens.

Foods infused with cannabis also bypass the effects of smoke, but vapors take effect at roughly the same rate as smoking it. In terms of health and speed of delivery, the vaporizer wins every time.

And if you save your Duff material after you vaporize it you can cook with it. While the health improvements associated with vaporizing are awesome, there are plenty of additional benefits to keep in mind.

KandyPens K-Vape Pro Vaporizer

First and foremost, the nasty byproducts of smoking are eliminated. Clogged pipes of all kinds become a thing of the past, resin buildup is eliminated and the teeth no longer become stained. In addition, the scent associated with burning your material is greatly reduced.

The scent of vapor also does not carry as far as a result. This is a fantastic benefit for both remaining discreet and preventing the smell from accumulating in furniture, clothing, curtains, hair or car we do not condone driving while vaporizing. It is also much more non-user friendly, as the chances of someone being exposed to secondhand smoke or an unwanted smell is reduced by the factors listed above.

With all of these benefits, it is obvious that a vaporizer is a fantastic choice. As the good name of cannabis is redeemed throughout the world, more and more people will soon discover that the vaporizer is an extremely smart choice now that you know what a vaporizer is. Vaporizers By Price Range :.A device with a heating element, used to vaporize a liquid solution with medicine. The produced vapor condensates into fine aerosols, forming a mist inside the device, to be inhaled by the patient for delivery of the medicine into the lungs.

A vaporizer or vapouriser is a device used to extract for inhalation the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs or blends. However, they can be used with pure chemicals when mixed with plant material. Vaporization is an alternative to burning that avoids the inhalation of many irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products.

Vaporizers contain various forms of extraction chambers including straight bore, venturi, or sequential venturi, and are made of materials such as metal or glass. The extracted vapor may be collected in a jar or inflatable bag, or inhaled directly through a hose or pipe. With little to no smoke produced and cooler temperatures, less material is required to achieve a given level of effect. Hence, the irritating and harmful effects of smoking are reduced, as is secondhand smoke.

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vaporizer meaning in tamil

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vaporizer meaning in tamil

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